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Although the easiest way to prep your kids for their future college diet may be to only expose them to the complexities of chicken dinos, top ramen and mac n’ cheese, parents would rather have their kids trying out interesting and unique food than well, fast food. 

While you may not be able to take your child out to a five-star restaurant every night, there are certainly some easy ways to expand their palate and get them to eat outside of their comfort zone.  

Looking back now, I can finally appreciate all the exotic foods my mom force-fed me as a kid because those expansive menus made me the foodie I am today. I still remember the mortified look on my mother’s face when a childhood friend of mine would politely push away her homemade lemon and thyme chicken breast and ask for fried chicken nuggets instead. Her expression was evident: what a waste of a perfectly good palate.

How To Make Your Kid A Foodie!

  • Take them out every once in a while for a full dining experience 
  • Experiment with exotic foods at home 
  • Get the kids involved in the cooking process  
  • Stray away from packaged foods and frozen TV dinners 
  • Hide the health and amp the taste that way they’ll never know. For example, try cauliflower pizza or an apple-beet smoothie!

The day we deny our children a sophisticated food experience, other than the ones you get during a drive thru, is the day we strip them of their basic rights.

Food can be the means to a journey without travel. It can take you on a trip through the streets of Spain and the smells of the coastal seas without the physicality of it all. The only way our kids can expand their taste buds is if we, as parents, expose them to the many flavors and spices that the world has to offer - aside from the flavors in a packet of powdered cheese.


It’s time we started a movement, a movement of kid foodies! Yes, they may despise us at the time for making them be the judge of our Pinterest experiments, but one day they will be able to appreciate us for producing refined appetites worthy of their future food blogs.

Sadly, they may have to risk being the victim of a green smoothie gone wrong. It's all part of the process of making a true kid foodie, one that won’t be afraid to try new things even if they’re green in color and rhyme with begetable. They will thank us for taking them along with us on our food journeys and for introducing them to food as an art, not a product.

Now, that’s not to say you have to spend a bunch of money and take your kid to a Gordon Ramsey steakhouse. Instead, incorporating a variety of foods that have complex flavors is essential to keeping your little ones from becoming a generation of picky eaters. 

Happy eating!

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