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make-your-rooms-look-biggerHave a Smaller House? We've Got Tips for Making Your Small House Look Bigger!

And many of us have tried the mirror trick thinking the piece will make the room look bigger. But actually, putting a mirror on the wall may backfire. If your room is cluttered, not only will the mirror reflect the other wall but the stuff on and around it! So what's a girl to do?

Making the rooms in your house look larger is all about using what you have, de-cluttering and selecting furniture pieces that actually fit the room. Here are some suggestions and tips for making your rooms look larger.

Make Your Rooms Look Larger

1. Unclutter the Entryway

Instead of having furniture and other décor in the hallway, try building in bookshelves or consider adding window-seats. Built in storage places draw the eye upward in a vertical fashion and add architectural prowess- making your small room look bigger. And if the entryway is cluttered, the entryway will look smaller and send the wrong message to a potential buyer. The entryway is usually the first part of the house the person sees, like a first impression.

2. Pick Flooring that is Larger

The larger tiles that you pick to use, the larger the room will look. If using a rug, pick one with a larger pattern. The tiniest of rooms can benefit from this trick. Grab samples of tiles and take them to the room in question. Lay them out and see the transformation!

3. Put in Multiple Windows

Walls of windows add sunlight to the room and draw the eye outside to the landscaping, creating an illusion of more space- hence, making a small room seem bigger. And we all can benefit from a little more sunlight, a little more nature.

4. Don't Forget the Hallway

If your smaller rooms meet up with a hallway, hang a catchy piece of art there or paint the far wall. Both tactics draw the eye out of the small room, adding openness and the feeling of it being larger. In addition, the room flows design-wise into the hallway, creating continuity. The same can be done with two adjoining rooms. Hang a colorful, bold piece of art on the wall in the next room. This will draw the eye out of the small room, opening up the two rooms to one another.

5. Choose Furniture Wisely

Stay away from big, bulky furniture for small rooms; this will make your space look even smaller. And you're trying to make you small room look larger. If you need to have large furniture, consider picking pieces that are narrower; pieces that flow and use the space without overpowering the room.

Do you have any added tips to make the rooms in your home look larger? We'd like to know on Facebook or Twitter!

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