Makeup When to Get Rid of It Does your makeup drawer look more like an episode of hoarders than a playground of color? If you dug deep enough, could you find a tube of lipgloss you wore in high school? Are you keeping that bright blue eyeshadow, hoping you can find a way to wear it in public? If so, it might be time to ditch your old cosmetics and replace them with brand-new, bacteria free ones. Yes, that's right- your makeup harbors a lot of bacteria.  There's no time like the present to get rid of old makeup and trade it for new essentials. Here are some helpful makeup tips and advice for when to get rid of old makeup.

When to Get Rid of Makeup...


8856 Mascarawands

Even though that tube of mascara has gotten
you through a good five months, it’s not
benefitting your eyes anymore. You should
only keep mascara three to six months, tops, because it easily traps bacteria and will start
to make your eyes itch. The last thing you
want is to end up with an eye infection...
you can't exactly cover that up.




Liquid Foundation

8856 LiquidFoundationIf you’ve been using the same bottle of liquid foundation over the past year, it’s probably time
to throw it out and start over. You can tell liquid foundation is getting bad if it smells fatty or the color begins to change. If you keep it over a year,
the preservatives in it start to break down and
will acquire bacteria. If you're not using your liquid foundation within a year, ask yourself why. Maybe you're wearing the wrong color, or a powder foundation might work better for your skin and lifestyle. Either way, after a year, toss the old and buy new.


8856 LipstickTubes

Lipstick is a makeup staple in a lot of  women’s bags. The good thing about lipstick is that it can last up
to two years. It’s an oil-based product, which is
why it lasts you so long. After about two years, however, those oils become rancid. Eeeewww!
Let's be real- if it has taken you over two years
to use a tube of lipstick, you obviously don’t like
it that much. It’s time to say goodbye.



Other Makeup Tips

  • Many of us women like to hoard makeup. Admit it. You probably have eye shadow cases in your drawer from YEARS ago. If you haven’t used it in two months, it’s time to let go of it. You clearly don’t love it enough to use it that often.
  • Makeup sponges older than one to two weeks should go in the garbage. Unless you regularly sanitize them, they gather A LOT of bacteria and can cause breakouts and make your face look oily.

Nothing makes you feel more confident than a fresh looking face! Maybe it's time to update your look- toss your old cosmetics and start new!


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