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making-a-family-tree-headerDecorate a tree with your family.

If you want to get the entire family from grandma to the dog (well, maybe not the dog) in on a crafty and fun activity, try making a family tree. A family tree will give every guest that enters your home a loving and cozy feeling and a sense of who your family is. It will also remind you all of the good times you have had together while creating new memories. It’s simple to do. All it takes is a little love and a few crafts!

How To Make A Family Tree

Supplies needed:

  • Miniature size Christmas tree or Tree branches
  • A stand or foam brick and sticks to insert
  • Mini-photos of every family member
  • Ornaments (stickers, phrases)
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • String


  1. Gather all the supplies you need and place them in the center of a table or spot on the floor.
  2. Have everyone sit in a circle around the table or on the floor.
  3. Together make loops with the string.
  4. Glue or stick the looped string to the ornaments and mini-photos so that they can hang on the tree.
  5. Set up miniature Christmas tree or other tree.
  6. Have everyone grab a few of their favorite items from the pile of crafts.
  7. Start hanging ornaments, photos and other decorative items on tree.

Place your customized family tree somewhere in the center of the home where everyone can see and enjoy. Share your creations with us on our social media!

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