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When the time comes that your parents need help on a day-to-day basis from cooking to cleaning to even making trips to the bathroom, it might be a good time to have a discussion about transitioning to assisted living care.  

Whether the conversation is initiated by your parents or yourself, once the decision is made making the move can be difficult, but there are several things you can do to help ease the stress.

1. Personalize the space.  Helping your loved ones personalize their space is key to comfortable living. Bring special mementos and pictures to personalize their room. Photo albums, curtains and even bedding from their current home helps create a "lived-in" comfortable environment.

2. Introduce and network. Although networking seems like a business event, helping your loved ones meet new friends and neighbors in their living arrangements is very important. Encourage them to bring over flowers or muffins to their neighbors to start up conversations. Remind them of the interesting stories they have to share with new friends.

3. Sign up. Getting your loved ones involved in activities will keep them from boredom and help reduce stress levels. Many facilities offer loads of different activities that with a little bit of coaxing on your part can become part of their daily routines.

4. Green space. Living spaces seem to have more energy with living objects in them. Purchase some plants or flowers for your loved one's new space. House plants will give a cozy feeling to the room.

5. Pet Priority. If your loved ones already owns a pet, be aware that many senior living homes do allow pets. Pet therapy has been proved to help reduce stress and increase smiles. Make sure the care center is pet friendly before your loved one makes a commitment to living there.

Keep in mind, that such a big life change could make anyone a bit stressed. However, you daily attention and support can help ease the transition.

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