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During the long days of winter, the one thing that we all need is a simple, home-cooked meal to look forward to at the end of the night. So, what's the best way to bring the family together and share special moments are the table? Comfort food, which will warm your family's tummies while they enjoy favorite, classic flavors!

Now, this does not mean turning to your go-to mac and cheese recipe every night. Adding flavorful proteins such as sausage or presenting your offerings in new and exciting ways easily lets you up the flavor game with little effort! Check out simple twists on our favorite comfort food dishes plus a recipe for a hearty Mac & Cheese (see, we don't dislike the Mac, but we've got a fun new recipe for it!) filled with chunks of Italian sausage that your whole family won't be able to resist digging into. 


Take the ultimate comfort food and make it even better by adding a savory protein like Italian sausage. All you need is milk, cheese, butter, elbow pasta, and, of course, sausage. We guarantee the kids will be asking for seconds and thirds!


Some other ways to jazz up your basic casserole or mashed potato dish? Add minced meat and veggies to mashed potatoes then bake to make a yummy shepherd's pie. Enhance your cheesy pasta bake by adding sausage and red sauce to your noodles of choice, and then bake with a layer of mozzarella cheese on top. 



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