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Simple. When it comes to cooking, sometimes you just want something simple. As we all look to make the foods we eat healthier, it is not the big ingredients in a dish we have our eyes on, but the small ones. Those utility items in the recipe need to be working for us when it comes to making food better for our bodies. So as we look for alternatives to the butters, lards and fats in the kitchen, we make the case for going with corn oil. 

Here are four benefits to including this kind of maize in your next dish.


A Chef's Best Friend

It's fun to play in the kitchen. Mixing and matching flavors while creating new recipes or experimenting with old family favorites is what we all love about cooking. What is not fun is having flavors you are not expecting throw off your meal. The great thing about corn oil is the taste of the oil is neutral. The corn oil works to help marry flavors together without changing how each of those flavors works together in the dish. 

Science Says It Can Be Good for You

When it comes to the "C" word (you know, cholesterol), using corn oil is actually beneficial. Research released in the Journal of Lipidology looked at the effects of both corn oil and olive oil on healthy people. Each person was given a balanced diet for 21 days that included three foods made with either four tablespoons of corn oil or four tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil.

The results? Corn oil reduced LDL cholesterol (the bad kind) by almost 11% while extra virgin olive oil only lowered it 3.5%. Study participants experienced an 8.2% decrease in total cholesterol with corn oil, compared to just a 1.8% decrease with extra virgin olive oil.


Heat Things Up in the Kitchen

The high-smoke point of corn oil means it is perfect for all kinds of cooking. As oil heats up it begins to break apart, losing its nutritional values, so a higher smoke point means the oil stays together longer. Corn oil is like the Swiss Army knife of utility players in the kitchen because it works just as well in a stir fry as it does on the grill or even when baking. 

Get Your Vitamin E


Corn oil is a good source of vitamin E, giving you almost 10% of your recommended daily dose from just one tablespoon. The National Institutes of Health recommends getting close to 15mg of Vitamin E daily. A single teaspoon of corn oil provides almost 2mg. 

Vitamin E is a type of antioxidant, meaning it scavenges through your body, neutralizing free radicals. This vitamin is thought to help support a healthy immune system by fighting off bacterial and viral infections. 

By using an oil that helps reduce cholesterol, doesn't interfere with the flavors of your food and works in all types of cooking situations, it means you can focus on more important decisions, like deciding what fun ingredients you are going to add to your next dish.

Who doesn't love a new tool all-purpose tool in the kitchen?

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