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making-your-own-toolkitHow to Make Your Own Tool Kit

Real women use tools.  Every woman's home needs a good tool set. But it doesn't have to be of "Mr. Home Improvement" caliber. There is no need to hop out to your closest Home Depot and pick up an elaborate set, when you can do it yourself.  Having your own set on hand ensures a quick and timely resolution to any little problem that pops up in the home.  And you don't have to borrow anything from the neighbor (unless he is a "hottie").  So just what tools to you need for your do it yourself tool set?  Here are some pointers.

DIY Tools for Tool Kit

  • Start with a good tool box.  Look around for a sturdy one and make sure that it is large enough.  There are lots out there to look at, even some with some pretty cute colors.  There is a website called "Charm and Hammer" that has pink tools!  Cutesy but functional, here is their website : http://www.charmandhammer.com/ctgy/Pink-Tools.html.
  • Next, pick a hammer.  Let's face it, a hammer is probably amongst the most needed tools in the house.  We need it to hang wall art and fix stuff.  We need it to shake at our children or spouses when we are ticked off.  It's always a good idea to invest in a good one that will last a life time.  Oh and by the way, grab some nails too!
  • Invest in a screwdriver set.  There are flat-head screwdrivers and cross-headed screwdrivers.  All can be used in different capacities, even to fix your child's toys or install batteries in them.  And it just seems if you only have flat-head screwdrivers on hand, that nine times out of 10, you will have needed the cross-headed screwdriver.  That's why it's good to drop the cash and get both, or you'll be screwed.
  • Add an Adjustable Wrench.  This is the wrench with the "ball thingy" in the middle that you can rotate with your thumb, thereby adjusting the size.  Whether it's changing the bike seat or working under the sink to tighten something, this tool is a must have DIY tool.  
  • Pick a good Pliers. The pliers is used to fix sturdy, or cutting objects or assists in bending something when you don't have the physical strength to do it.  And a good pliers has a rubber handle that helps you grip it more tightly.  The plier is just as popular as a must have DIY tool as the hammer.
  • Brighten Up Your Tool Kit with a Flashlight.  We all have it happen:  the power goes out and we cannot see our hands in front of us.  Then there are the times when we simply cannot see what it is we need to fix.  Every home needs a flashlight, if not several.  And the tool kit must have one as well.
  • Tape Measure - First of all, they are fun to play with (pulling tape out and watching it snap back in).  Secondly, they are great for making sure out wall art is centered correctly.  Thirdly, we can keep the carpet guy accountable by measuring our rooms ourselves.

These are the most basic suggestions for a DIY tool kit.  If you find you need something else, then buy as you go or run over to that hunky neighbor next door and borrow it.  And sometimes it's just best to buy a complete tool kit if you can find a good price.  Remember:  real women use tools!

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