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Women are starting to use every social media outlet around to announce their big news. Many wait until after the first trimester to start spreading that expectant announcement, although they may have already told close friends and family.

When it comes to your time to tell the world, you'll want to create a really wonderfully creative announcement! I made my announcement over 10 weeks ago, as I am now 26 weeks along, but it was a ton of fun trying to come up with a clever way to tell everyone.

For mine, I wasn’t feeling very photogenic, especially these days! I know many women include themselves and the father in the photos, but I decided to leave mine up to props.

16180-baby-announcement-social-media-mainPhoto Credit: April Schallau

I love chalkboards so I painted an old frame with black chalkboard paint, waited for it to dry and using regular white chalk, writing: “Expecting a Little Pumpkin This October.” Since my son is due this fall, I just placed a couple simple pumpkins that I use for décor on the chalkboard. It was cute, simple and people loved it!

Now, if you need some more ideas, here are some other baby announcement routes to take:

Cute Shoes: Again, use props to spread the word! In front of your house or in the yard, just place a pair of dad’s shoes, mom’s heels, and in the middle, a teeny tiny pair of baby shoes!

Big Brother or Sister: If you already have a child, get a snapshot of the whole family and have your son or daughter hold a sign that says “Big Brother” or “Big Sister.”

16180-baby-announcement-blog-three-plus-onePhoto Credit: aaronandkristenwindle.blogspot.com

Be Silly: It’s a fun and exciting time so show that! Take a snap shot of the two of you with jars of Prego pasta sauce or have the new mommy-to-be pretending to be keeled over the toilet while daddy-to-be is reading What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

Bump Ahead: You’ve probably seen plenty of road signs that say “Bump Ahead.” Head out there with your partner and enlist someone to take the shot for you and get a photo of you two by the sign, kissing.

16180-baby-announcement-blog-becomingmrsgPhoto Credit: becomingmrsg.blogspot.com

Simple Addition: You plus daddy equals three! Photograph the two of you holding signs or writing on the wall behind you that shows this simple yet cute math equation!

16180-baby-announcement-blog-mrandmrspowellPhoto Credit: mrandmrspowell.com

Photo Progression: First you were boyfriend and girlfriend, then you became husband and wife, now you’ll be mom and dad! Do a special three photo progression with a photo of you two while you were dating, then on your wedding day and finally, an ultrasound photo!

Make A Video: If you want to be extra creative, make a baby announcement video like couple Judy and Gavin Holt! Daddy-to-be Gavin channeled Stephen King in this scary but brilliant video. 



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