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A new birth control shot may be on the market soon... and this time it's for men.

When it comes to protecting against an unplanned pregnancy, women have a variety of different birth control options, whereas men typically have to rely on just condoms. However in just a few short years, that could all change. Testing is being done on a new birth control shot for men that may be available by 2017.

The Parsemus Foundation has tested a new male birth control (an injectable, non-hormonal contraceptive) on male baboons and so far it appears to successfully prevent pregnancy in females. The contraceptive is shot directly into the male's reproductive tube; it uses a polymer, which keeps sperm from entering. To reverse it, another injection can be used to flush out the polymer.

The foundation hopes to continue research with this new birth control method and move on to human trials. If all goes to plan, they will bring the shot to the open market sometime in 2017.

However, the scientists warn that pharmaceutical companies may not be as excited as the rest of us to get the shot out for public use. The shot is long lasting, and doesn't require the monthly refills that female birth control does, and therefore isn't as profitable for them.

Though the big question still here is... will men be receptive to a shot straight into their reproductive tube? Only time will tell if and when this product hits the market.

Until then, what’s your opinion on this potential type of male birth control? 

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