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Photo Credit: Splash

Did Malia Obama just sign her summer away to run errands for HBO’s hit series Girls? You heard right. According to a Gawker report, Malia Obama, 17-year-old daughter of United States President Barack Obama, is Lena Dunham’s new summer intern.  

Does this mean she will be escorted by secret service while on her daily coffee runs for the Girls crew? Will she be getting special treatment over the other interns? It will definitely be something to watch out for and we can always trust in the paparazzi to keep their eyes and lenses peeled for us (as if the President’s daughter needed more media attention). 

She was recently spotted fetching coffee for the cast and crew and helping block passers by from entering the scenes during filming.

Things can only be looking up for the series since their flub season 4 in which viewership by their key age demographic, 18-49, really suffered according to Deadline. So, naturally they brought Obama on set! Who could bring more press attention and buzz to the series than the President’s daughter herself? 

The First Daughter is really taking the entertainment field by storm with her previous work on the set of Halle Berry’s show Extant, and paving her own career path outside of her father’s very big and presidential shadow.

Now we just have to sit back and watch Malia’s career unfold before our eyes. Maybe we will even be seeing her as a guest star on the series. Uh oh, what would Daddy think?

Controversy has already been erupting over Malia’s intern choice considering the series has had its fill of contentious nudity, profanity, and did we mention nudity?

The Young Conservatives have already taken to Twitter to express their feelings regarding Malia’s internship and let’s just say we don’t think they will be tuning in to watch the series anytime soon.

youngconsPhoto Credit: Twitter

Although many may consider her career choice at Girls to be controversial, others see it as a great opportunity to be involved in a show that gives women an authentic voice. The show may not be an ideal political platform but it’s revolutionary in its own sense. So we say snaps for Obama for just wanting to be one of the girls.

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