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Photo Credit: Splash Images

Malia Obama is 16 and just a regular teenager… as regular as the daughter of the President of the United States can possibly be. However, her most recent selfie is causing somewhat of a stir. It’s not the selfie itself so much as the shirt (and maybe the open-mouth pose) the eldest Obama daughter is wearing that has people talking, tweeting and reposting. 

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Photo Credit: Instagram / @Proera44

Check out the full Instagram post here.

The shirt advertises the Brooklyn based rap group "Pro Era" and the photo was posted on the group’s official Instagram page. First Lady Michelle Obama has spoken before about the limited amount of media time her daughters are allowed to have. Malia’s Facebook time is monitored and she has no other form of social media (as we know of) while younger sister Sasha does not have a Facebook.

So, how did Pro Era get ahold of Malia’s selfie? A rep from the group told Gawker that "a mutual friend of Malia and [a] pro era member" sent it to Pro Era.

While we don’t expect Malia to get on Instagram herself anytime soon, her interest in music comes as no surprise. She was seen at Chicago’s summer music festival Lollapalooza in early August. She declined to take pictures with concert-goers who recognized her, but the President's daughter was reportedly in town to see one of her favorite artists, Chance the Rapper.

With all the jokes about how fast Obama has aged over the last few years, we’re sure it’s fair to attribute some of those grey hairs to raising two teenagers!


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