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man-drives-off-cliff-while-textingA Horrifying, Yet Lucky Accident is Spreading Texting and Driving Awareness.

In this technology-driven generation, texting while driving has become a huge health risk when driving. In fact, some say it’s just as dangerous as drinking while driving, and many teenagers are ignoring warnings, leading to accidents while texting.

If there’s any warning to the dangers of texting while driving, the aptly-named Chance Bothe should stand as one, as he’s the one make the headlines of “man drives off cliff while texting.” Thanks to the tireless work of doctors and months of recovery, he lived to tell his tale and is spreading texting and driving awareness.

Chance Bothe Drives Off Cliff While Driving

Texas college student Chance Bothe knew his activity might lead to a crash while texting. He was in a text argument with his friend, and the last thing he sent him before the 35-foot plunge was chillingly prolific:

“I need to quit texting because I could die in a car accident, and then how would you feel?”

As is now reaffirmed, that definitely could have tragically happened to the 21-year-old. Emergency crews and friends rescued Chance seconds before the vehicle caught fire.

He didn’t come out scratch-free from his car accident while texting, though. The engine came through the dashboard of the car, going into his body while his head was crushed by the car’s crumbled roof. He had a crashed face, broken neck, traumatic brain injuries, and a fractured skull, along with a plethora of other serious injuries. Bobby Bothe, Chance’s father, even remembered he said to “call the funeral home” when he first heard of his son’s injuries. Bobby was told Chance wouldn’t make it, and if he did, he would likely be blind. Doctors had to bring Chance back to life three times.

Chance Bothe's Road to Recovery

Against all odds, Chance has recovered from his accident while texting, for the most part. He’s finally ready to talk about his accident after 6 months of tough rehabilitation. “It’s not worth losing your life,” he says. He recounted how he recently went to his grandmother’s funeral, thinking that it could have been him in that casket. Bobby even said that he would disable texting and Internet on the phone if he had a child just learning how to drive.

Texting and Driving Facts

Despite shocking texting and driving statistics, many pay no heed to warnings and text while driving anyway. Many states are taking action, though, while texting while driving laws and if these stats are any indication, it’s a good idea.

  • A study from the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute says that texting is, by far, the most dangerous of all cell phone related accidents.
  • The same study says that teen drivers are four times more likely than adults to get in a cell phone related injury.
  • About 6,000 deaths are caused by texting while driving accidents per years.
  • Half a million injuries per year as caused by these accidents.
  • Sending a text takes away five second of attention- enough time to travel the length of a football field.

In another texting tragedy, this incident landed a teen in jail due to texting and driving.

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