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man-says-he-has-favorite-childAnd Whether or Not You Have a Favorite Child, This Man Admitted It.

The web is running rampant with the story of a man, named Buzz Bishop, who has admitted that he has a “favorite” child. The Canadian radio talk show host has admitted that his firstborn son, who his now wife became pregnant with just two months into their relationship, is his "favorite" child. The reason; because his eldest son introduced him to a world or life that he thought he would never be possible.

Man Names Favorite Child

The statements of Mr. Buzz Bishop have created a bit of an uproar across the continents, as his story has been reprinted around the globe. And let’s just say that Buzz Bishop has received many comments and complaints. His written response was titled, “Admit It, You Have a Favorite Kid.” In his counter argument, he stated that his eldest son was favored because he is able to do more things, and that he is more fun to be around. Yet, he said that he loves both sons the same, yet likes them differently.

Dr. Phil contacted him about his statements, but he declined to discuss this matter. However, the man with the "favorite" child did talk to Good Morning America and has been reading comments from all over the world.

Through all the criticism, the dad who admitted he has a favorite child has said that he trusts his family and friends to judge him accordingly. When presented with the possibility that one day the youngest will read about his statements, Buzz Bishop has said that he doesn’t think his boys will look that far into his posts years down the road.

It would appear that Mr. Buzz Bishop has had second thoughts about his statements after all the comment threads he has read. He has said the comments have in effect, given him “pause” and forced him to think in terms of making sure he is balanced in his love for his boys.

A Mother’s Thoughts on Having a "Favorite" Child

With three teens and a 10-year-old, I believe it is human nature and not out of the ordinary to treat children differently and at times, subconsciously prefer one over another, depending on the situation, their developmental stage and your mental state. Sometimes, one child is easier to love than the other. However, no child should ever feel that they are not as loved as the other(s).

I have repeatedly told my children over the years that they are my “favorite” and they still giggle about it. Some of our children are like us and some are not. And there are reasons to embrace them in love no matter their likeness to us.

So what do you think about this Dad? Do you think you have a favorite child? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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