manicure-and-pedicure-dangersYour Favorite Beauty Treat Could Pose Serious Threats to Your Health. 

We all want our nails to look great, and relaxing at your favorite nail spa is a fantastic way to unwind, but your manicure and pedicure indulgence could end up seriously hurting you. With dangers from toxic substances, allergic reactions and serious infections…relaxing at the nail spa might be easier said than done. Protect yourself during your next manicure and pedicure by following these directions and checking up on your favorite nail salon.

Nail Spa Dangers

While most nail spas pose no health threats, there have been instances where clients at nail spas contracted dangerous staph and fungal infections. Most often these infections are caused by contamination after cuticles are cut. When you cut your cuticles you break the skin and allow bacteria to enter your body. Another problem that can occur at the nail salon is an allergic reaction. There are tons of toxic substances used at nail salons and people can have dangerous allergic reactions to some of the materials used like acetone and formaldehyde. 

Nail Salon

While the majority of nail salons are very clean and safe, some salons aren’t as diligent about cleaning and providing a safe infection-free environment. To avoid bacteria at the nail spa, try and schedule your manicure and pedicure for earlier in the day. By going to the nail spa at the beginning of the day, there is a better chance that the tools and spa tubs haven’t been used as much yet. Another great option is to bring your own nail tools for the technician to use. Nail tools used at nail salons are supposed to be cleaned using an industrial cleaning machine, but many salons just dip the tools in cleaning fluid. 

Avoid Manicure and Pedicure Dangers

By following this list of tips, you can feel safe at your manicure and pedicure appointment. 

  • Don’t get your cuticles cut. If you avoid having sensitive cuticles cut you are avoiding bacteria entering through microscopic cuts. An option to consider is having your cuticles pushed down rather than cut.
  • Bring your own nail tools. By bringing your own nail tools you can ensure that you cleaned the tools properly and you will be aware of everyone who has been in contact with the nail tools. 
  • Don’t go to nail salons that utilize whirlpool tubs. The whirlpool tubs can trap bacteria and spread infection through the water. 
  • Give your nails a break. The only way nails can heal is giving them time to breath. Giving your nails a break from polish will help renew the nail strength and allow them to heal. 

While there are some dangers involved with manicures and pedicures, majority of the time they are 100% safe. Just check up on your nail spa and be diligent in keeping yourself healthy. 

If you follow these rules you will be safe and can get back to enjoying your manicure and pedicure…Oh, and don’t forget relax! You are at the nail salon after all.

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