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mans-kickstarter-for-potato-salad-goes-viral-headerA Kickstarter project that started out as a means to make potato salad grew enough to make much more. 

Early in June 2014, an Ohio man took to Kickstarter to raise money for ingredients for his first ever attempt at a classic bowl of potato salad. The man who calls himself Zach Danger Brown got much more than the $10 he requested - just enough to buy potatoes, mayo, and seasoning...and a little more. 

After the word spread about Brown's unique Kickstarter project, donations rose beyond what he ever thought and reached over $50,000! For a classic dish that costs about $10 to make, Brown earned enough to make a potato salad palace! 



Becoming somewhat of an internet sensation, Brown began rewarding high givers or contributors as a way to give back for there nice gesture to help him create an awesome first batch of potato salad. The more individuals gave, the better their reward.

Potato-themed haiku’s for example were gifted to those who gave $20. People who donated $25 received a potato-themed hat. Big spenders who donated $50 got a cookbook full of potato salad recipes from all over. Brown even invited the internet to a public potato salad party.

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