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marathon-training-things-you-should-knowAre you running a marathon this year? Here are some things to keep in mind before hitting the pavement. 

It’s marathon running season and thousands of people in every city will set up their training for 26.2 miles. Many of these runners have never run a marathon, while seasoned pros will run multiple races throughout year. 

Running has been proven to be better than walking as a modality for weight loss. However, it can have diminishing returns for fitness and metabolism after that mileage is completed. Here are some facts about those training for marathons.

1. Get Some New Shoes

Most people will run through two pairs of sneakers while training for a marathon. The key is to not change those shoes just weeks before the race. Shoes take a while to mold to your foot. Plus, you’ll want to alternate those shoes to make sure your feet are supported correctly throughout the rigorous training schedules.

2. Girls Outrun the Guys

Believe it or not, more women run marathons than men. The largest age group for women runners is between 25-29 years of age. While the average time for women is just under five hours, 4:59:28, they will push themselves to finish after most of their male counterparts.

3. It's Almost a Whole City

More than 400,000 people will run a marathon in one year. That’s a big number considering you’ll need to complete over 500 miles of training to be fully prepared to reach the 26.2 mile marker.

4. One Step At a Time 

If you count your steps daily, every person should aim for 10,000 steps in one day, which they say is the equivalent of about 2.5 miles. Take that number to the marathon distance and on average, marathon people will take 51,214 steps to make it to the finish line. Take it one step at a time and train smart.

For more training tips and information check out www.FitStudio.com, Active.com, or Hal Higdon's running programs online.

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