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mariah-carey-on-american-idol-qthe-worst-experience-of-my-lifeqPhoto Credit: Splash

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After a 10-year run, American Idol is coming to a close after one last season. With rumors of all past judges making appearances during the concluding season, Mariah Carey was asked in Las Vegas if she’d be interested in one last gig behind the judge’s panel.

Her humble response? “Hell no! Absolutely not! That was the worst experience of my life.”

At least you’re honest, Mimi!

Carey was infamously a judge back in 2013 alongside judges Randy Jackson, Keith Urban, and Nicki Minaj. Although Jackson was the beloved Idol veteran and had recently parted ways with Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell in the judges’ chairs, the rest of the crew was in for an unpredictable ride.

Much of Carey’s Idol resentment stems from the feud she and Minaj had throughout taping. Their building tension blew a couple of times throughout the brief season, including one fight when Carey asked Minaj, “Why, oh why do I have a three-year-old sitting around me?”

Carey explained further, “I don’t think they had any intentions for us to have a good experience doing that show. Pitting two females against each other wasn’t cool." 

In regards to her beef with the "Anaconda" singer, “It should’ve been about the contestants instead of about some nonexistent feud that turns into even more ridiculousness.”

The laundry list of Idol grievances continued with Carey adding, “It’s so boring and so fake. You have to make up things to say about people. Half the time the performances are good. You’d just be like, ‘It was good!’”

Did anything positive come out of her relationship with the 15-season long show? Nope.

“I would never want to be involved with it again,” she said in an Australian interview. “But everyone else can like it!”

American Idol returns for its final season in January 2016, and judging from her response, you can expect to not see Mariah making a surprise appearance on her former stomping ground.

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