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Photo Credit: In Touch Weekly

We've always known Mariah Carey was a diva, but sometimes it's good to be reminded of how over-the-top the char-topping star can be. Her latest interview with Buzzfeed is, well, very Mariah. Here are a few of our favorite quotes about how to live like the fabulous diva.

Why Mariah Carey loves a good selfie stick...

That way I can control it. I don’t need to take a selfie with someone from their bleak angle; I don’t care for that."- Mariah Carey

What does the "Infinity" singer do to make herself feel especially fabulous? (We're a little confused by this answer).

"I don’t know dahhling but it must be feeling “festive.” - Mariah Carey

 We're not too surprised by how Mariah describes her average Starbucks experience...

I’m not a subscriber to walking into large corporate entities that I have to walk into and be waiting in line ... I usually have someone deliver it to me. - Mariah Carey

Is it just us, or is her fav 'curse word' very Regina George?

"Stop trying to make it happen…"

And finally, Mariah says she has been avoiding wine and champagne, but if she had to choose between the two...

"It’s all about the glass, so I would have to go with the champagne flute — it’s the best look." - Mariah Carey

Check out the full interview at Buzzfeed.com!


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