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mark-buffalo-reveals-he-has-chronic-depression-talks-new-film-rolePhoto Credit: Sony Pictures Classics

It’s the year of Mark Ruffalo, according to Hollywood executives. "Mark is one of the greatest empathetic actors," Sony Pictures Classics co-president Michael Barker said.

The 47-year-old actor is already generating Oscar buzz with his new film, out June 19, called Infinitely Polar Bear. Ruffalo portrays the life of a manic-depressive father of two daughters who tries to win back his coveted family life. Ruffalo plays opposite Zoe Saldana, the mother balancing the emotional needs of her daughters and her estranged husband.

Ruffalo, who’s starred in a handful of acclaimed films over the last two years including the 2014 Oscar nominated film Foxcatcher, the 2014 romantic comedy Begin Again, and 2012's The Kids Are Alright opposite Julianne Moore, is catching the attention of moviegoers for his alluring empathetic demeanor and unguarded presence.

And there’s a reason that Ruffalo perfectly occupied the roles of his films over the last few years – his favorite script is one of a dysfunctional family.

Ruffalo told The Observer in a recent interview, “I keep finding myself in these movies. Fatherhood to me, families, I love families. I mean I love them and I hate them.”

The father himself confessed. “And I need to work it out. So, I just keep finding myself there with these families that are dysfunctional.”

Ruffalo further clarified, “Well they’re not dysfunctional. They’re perfectly functional. They’re actually exactly like every other family in the world, you know. Are all of our families dysfunction or is that just maybe the norm?”

900135-fd086850-ceaf-11e4-ae30-20c8dd07d4e0Photo Credit: Sony Pictures Classics

Fans have come to recognize the celebrated actor as a Hollywood A-lister, even after Ruffalo admitting that he used to envision himself living in a shack living off an Indie film income his whole life.

Even now as he’s most identified as The Hulk, Ruffalo remains one of the most underrated and humble actors in the industry, which according to Ruffalo, allows him the platform to speak for a cause.

“People are so afraid of mental illness but it’s everywhere,” said Ruffalo who revealed to The Observer that he has suffered his whole life from chronic depression. “It’s Dysthymia. It’s a long running, low-grade depression that just is running all the time in the background.”

Before you run out to see Infinitely Polar Bear, Ruffalo's words about openly living with mental illness will inspire you and make you see the film in a different light.

“You know, it’s hard to live an authentic life. It requires more from you. It’s scarier. You take it one day at a time, knowing that in the end it will be your life. You won’t have lived your parent’s life. Your professor’s life. Your rabbi’s life. Your priest’s life. Your sister, brother. When they throw dirt on you and you’re lying in your deathbed, you’ll say, ‘You know what? I’ve lived my life.’”

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