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marriage-material-the-yelp-of-dating-a-relationships-but-betterTired of never finding prospective mates to deem as marriage material, entrepreneur, CEO and Founder of marriagematerial.co, Dana Michel, was inspired to create a realistic dating and relationship service for people looking to be in a serious relationship.

However, the concept of Marriage Material is NOT your average hook-up app or dating website. It’s actually the complete opposite.

"The fact that we call it Marriage Material puts a stake in the ground," Michel said. This isn’t a website, it’s a service — And what makes this service unique is the supportive and open network offered to members.

People search for dinner reviews on Yelp and hotel reviews on TripAdvisor, but why not utilize this same concept for dating?

"The idea is that we’re leveraging crowd sourcing just the way you would crowd funding," Michel said. "There’s a high incidence of meeting people through introduction."

Marriage Material wants to embrace the word-of-mouth notion by allowing friends to match their friends with other friends.

"We’re allowing matchmakers to play Cupid for fun and profit," Michel added.



In addition, Marriage Material is launching a blog that contains exercises used in actual therapy sessions. Additionally, members can attend relationship workshops conducted by a certified therapist.

"We have taken the time to find a relationship expert that is a therapist, versus someone just sharing anecdotal information," Michel said.

There comes a point in your life when you’ll want something more substantial out of a relationship. The question is: How to get there?

Marriage Material tells members up front that this is a place only for people looking for a relationship. This eliminates the awkward conversation of whether or not the other person is looking for something serious or something casual. With Marriage Material, you just know every member is hoping for the same outcome.

"You have to be decisive," Michel said. In order to make dating happen, you have to do something about it.

Outside of managing Marriage Material, Michel chooses to live, love, inspire by traveling and continues living open-heartedly because of her family’s love and support.

"I never want to disappoint them," she added. "That support keeps you going."

Marriage Material is based in New York, but available for members in 11 cities: Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Dallas and Los Angeles.

Everyone is welcome to the service — Straight, gay, male, female.

For more information about Marriage Material, visit the website here.

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