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Times are changing and some of the classic marriage "rules," like the man is supposed to be the financial provider and now that you’re married, life is all about hubby and the kids, are pretty outdated...

Of course, it’s still okay to maintain some of the old-fashioned ways if you’d like. Who doesn't like having the door opened for them or being taken care of on a date night? Man or woman, it's a nice gesture to happen to you. 

 Still, there are some "marriage rules" that just no longer apply to tying the knot. And they are...

  • You can’t have a life of your own: You’re married now and it used to be true that the wife tended to her children’s and husband’s needs first. But if you don’t do something every day that makes you happy, you’ll be full of resentment. You can also have your own life with your friends; don’t forget to do something for you! 
  • Don’t talk about sex: You most certainly should! Married couples can sometimes fall into a sexual routine and it may take some awkward conversations but talk about your sexual fantasies and desires. Human sexuality is evolving and it’s not so taboo anymore to talk about it. 
  • Going to counseling is a bad sign: Just because you are going through a rough patch and need to see a professional for extra guidance doesn’t mean your marriage is doomed. In fact, it shows how committed each party is to improving their relationship! 
  • Husbands should be the breadwinners: Women no longer have the titles of homemakers anymore if they don’t want to. Many women work, and many of those women are also the breadwinners in the family. It also takes a special man to be supportive of that because for some men, it can hurt their ego. If you've got a positive relationship, it shouldn't matter who is making the most because at the end of the day, it benefits the both of you. 
  • Marriage should be all about the kids: Sure the two of you created those cute kids, but your marriage shouldn’t revolve around the children. Sometimes, it needs to be just about you and your man! Date nights, get away trips, or just simple gestures to show each other you've got that fire still are ways to keep your love and marriage strong. 
  • Don’t talk about work: You probably don’t want to come home everyday and complain about your day or how horrible your boss is, but talking about work and what’s going on outside of the home doesn’t hurt. Plus, if you don’t vent a little, you could take that built-up anger out on him.
  • A marriage is between just two people: Today, couples get divorced, remarry, have kids, step kids and everything in between. There are plenty of blended families and while it means there is more to juggle, you can also learn a lot. 
  • If you get a divorce, you failed: A divorce isn’t shameful and don’t let anyone tell you that you’ve failed. Many couples are much happier apart than they are together. At the end of the day, it's your relationship, your choice, your life. No one else's. 
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