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From Rihanna's German fandom to soccer selfies, the World Cup final got a little bizarre. 

The 2014 World Cup Final was epic - both for the teams playing and those watching around the world, either on TV, their phone, or through the web and social media. With any event getting this much attention, there's bound to be those moments that make you go "wait, what?" Here they are...

fans-shocked-by-usa-vs-portugal-gameJaws dropped within the last few minutes of the USA/Portugal 2014 World Cup game.

Last minute goals were kicked during the USA's second 2014 World Cup game, but this time the tables were turned. Within the last few minutes Portugal shot a goal that brought the game to a 2-2 final score, leaving Portugal in the tournament and USA stagnant until game three this Thursday. Our jaws are still on the floor after that game!


Germany beat Argentina 1-0 in extra time. 

The two best teams of the tournament took the World Cup final into extra time at Rio de Janeiro's Maracana stadium. Germany was pushing to achieve its fourth World Cup title. Argentina with the incredible Lionel Messi also pushed hard for victory. The world waited anxiously as 90 minutes went by without a goal... 

14-spain-surpising-lossLooks like the 2014 World Cup will have a new champion.

Thanks, Chile, for giving us a fighting chance. Spain's crown as the reigning World Cup champions was snatched away from them after their 0-2 loss in last night's game against Chile. Spain, what happened?


Soccer fans across the globe were stunned when Germany defeated Brazil 7-1. 

As Germany made goal (after goal, after goal...), fans from both countries as well as others watching the incredible match took to social media to voice their amazement. First came disbelief that the home country of the World Cup could be beat, then came many tears from Brazil's fans, several which were captured and will live in Internet infamy. 

team-usa-beats-ghana-fan-reaction-header An incredible win for Team U.S.A.!

Fans across the nation and world were overjoyed as well as stunned with Team U.S.A's win over Ghana. The game started off with an epic goal in less than 30 seconds by U.S. player Clint Dempsey and continued to shock World Cup fans until the end. After the first goal, which was the fastest by an American in World Cup history, Ghana tried to bring themselves back in the lead.

Here's a visual recap of the goal.

Earlier, President Barack Obama had led the country in encouraging Team U.S.A to go all the way on the field.

The U.S. women's soccer team also chanted for the boys to become champs.

It was looking slim until the game was close to its end. Andre Ayew scored for Ghana. Team U.S.A was looking tired out. Kevin Prince Boateng and Michael Essien were off the field, on the bench. Then...John Brooks came up for a corner. With a move that brought people cheering, tweeting and posting like mad, he scored his first goal in international football at the U.S. open for the World Cup.  

And with that, a country that has begun to fall more in love with soccer exploded. Socially that is.

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Belgium defeated USA with a 2-1 score, crushing a nation's hope for World Cup glory.

We believed. We hoped. But it wasn't enough for Team USA to move forward in the World Cup as Belgium won the round of 16 match during extra time. Belgium will advance to the quarterfinals and play Argentina. As for the US, it's a bittersweet end to what was an incredible time in Brazil.

1-twitter-scores-goal-with-world-cup-coverageHashtag GOOAAALL! Twitter is prepared to keep fans updated on World Cup games.

If you thought we were alone in getting excited for the World Cup kickoff, than you have to hear how Twitter is getting ready for the international festivities. Twitter has brought back Hashflags ! Fans are encouraged to hashtag their favorite teams via country codes, and the flags of that country will pop up next to their hashtag. Hashflags is one of the many features Twitter is doing for this year’s World Cup.


With the recent USA game being more intense than ever, so were the reactions.

Soccer, futboll, whatever you want to call it - it is a fast paced game! With fast paced games come horrifying/spectacular goals, accidents that could cost a game, and reactions that are worth a million words (or likes!). Here are a few of the best social media reactions to the insane USA world cup game. 

game-guide-for-the-world-cupKeep up with this year's World Cup! 

Every day between kick off on June 12 to the final match on July 13, televisions will be flooded with multiple matches for 2014's FIFA World Cup. Stay in the know of one of the world's most widely viewed sporting events with this guide!