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Is your wardrobe sporty? Are you a chic chick? Do you love vintage? Have you ever thought of creating the same aura in your closet for you home or bedroom? You can feel like a retro lady everyday with retro inspired home decor.

What is Your Style?

To match your home to your wardrobe, you have to know what’s your style. Browse your closet and see what kind of pieces you have most of and go with it. If you already know, then this is a piece of cake.

What Does Your Style Say About You?

If you walked into a room, what vibe would you give off? Do you walk into a room and command a certain type of energy? You should walk into your home and and those same feelings should seep from the walls. Let your personality shine by letting a room or your entire house speak about you to everyone who enters. If you’re a very bold person, think about painting your walls red, hot pink or even yellow. If you think an accent wall makes a bigger statement then choose a wall to paint.

Personality Pieces

Just like you pick accessories to go with your clothing, do the same for your home. Pick a unique painting, abstract art, a sculpture, or a risqué photo to show off your personality. If you’re more subtle, pick lace or pearls, or very finite details to give a room a bit of you. If you’re the type to light up a room, stream a line of Christmas lights over you mantel piece, fireplace or curtain rod.

Modern and Classic

If you love modern decor then you may not want a whole bunch of photos or picture frames in your home. However, if you like a hint of the classic, a few photos of your loved ones never hurt. Modern designs focus more on shapes and lines while classic designs focus more on the functionality of pieces in a home or room. Figure out which you want.

Shoes and Floors

Shoes are an important part of any outfit just like the foundation or floor is to a home. If you like sleek shoes then hard wood floors will be perfect for you. If you like more of a statement shoe but not over the top, a huge printed area rug will do the trick.

Consider every part of your home as you go through this process. Leave no bathroom or closet untouched! Decorate your home to scream you even in the dark.

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