If your stockings accessorizing has you looking like Lady Gaga on laundry day, WomensForum.com has your back. Check out our tights and hose tips and you’ll always have a leg up when it comes to choosing the right look.

Matching Hose and Shoe Questions Answered

  • Matching hose & shoes: Matching hose & shoes will make you look leaner, taller and is the safest bet when choosing a stockings-centric outfit. Some people will say it is acceptable to pair lighter colored hose with darker shoes. This would be acceptable… if you’re six feet tall and weigh as much as a postage stamp. Paring different colored hose and shoes make short people seem shorter, and stocky people seem stockier.

  • Pantyhose and open toed shoes: Just say no. There is no place for pantyhose and open toed shoes in a rational and just society. Unless “senile bag lady” is the look you’re going for, keep your sandals, peep toes and mules far away from your tights and stockings – preferably in different closets.

  • Leggings and shoes: Leggings! Are they pants? Are they hosiery? Are they “Posery?” No matter if you wear leggings under a skirt or by themselves, when it comes to pairing leggings and shoes, they fall squarely in the “hosiery” category. Typically, it looks better when more casual shoes are paired with leggings due to the fact that they are footless. We’re talking ballet flats, sandals and peep toes. Avoid sneakers and loafers when pairing shoes with leggings. The jury is hung on stilettos and other formal footwear paired with leggings. It really depends on the outfit you’ll be paring with the leggings. Be careful when accessorizing leggings with a really high heel though. You might end up looking like Peg Bundy.

  • HOLIDAY FASHION HOSE: There are those who think holiday fashion hose are “fun”, “cute” and “festive”. Then there are those of us who want to look good. Bottom line, ladies… holiday tights are usually heavily patterned and difficult to coordinate with shoes or clothing. As mentioned above, when the hose don’t match the shoes, it makes you seem shorter and isn’t flattering to the waist line. If you’re fine with this, then have a blast wearing your “snowman riding a reindeer” tights.

While all of the above tips provide solid hosery advice, rules are made to be broken. A cursory glance at any fashion rag will provide several contradictions to everything discussed in this article. From pairing patterned tights with high heeled sandals to white hose with black shoes, fashion trends are always in flux. At the end of the day, find the look the works best for you, your body type and is appropriate for the environment you’re dressing for. Neon pink leggings with zebra print ankle boots may be great for the club but really... for your big job interview at the bank? Probably not so much.

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