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ptr-maternitycorner-125sqMaternity Corner is a very helpful site for expecting women and their spouses.  Rest assured that there is an answer for about every question you may have about expecting and raising a baby at Maternity Corner.  Very helpful is how the questions and answers are neatly organized, very clear and easy to find.  From the state of pregnancy, to breast feeding and how to give a baby their first bath, this site covers it all and also gives you a chance to connect with women in the same stage of life and going through many of the same experiences enabling moms to exchange true first hand experience and wisdom.  Visit Website

The site was founded by the owners of Annie's, a shop for woman's maternity clothing, children's clothing and accessories in British Columbia, Canada.  So while you are getting informed about the ins and outs of being a mother you can also browse their inventory and stock up on things like nursing pillows and baby massage oil.  Here is also a great place to shop whether for yourself or your best friend's baby shower.

Womensforum Partner: MaternityCorner joined as a valued partner in the womensforum network in 8/2006.

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