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matthew-mcconaughey-forced-to-fend-off-womenIn case you hadn't heard, Matthew McConaughey is premiering in yet another highly anticipated Blockbuster hit film this year. Interstellar, which opened in theaters Wednesday, stars McConaughey, Jessica Chastain and Anne Hathaway in the film about searching for life on other planets in the galaxy and learning how to safely populate them with humankind. McConaughey’s film appearance and his absence in a certain blockbuster sequel isn’t sitting well with everyone, though.

Although we’re sure that McConaughey’s sexiness will translate through a spacesuit, many women are facing the hard truth that the hunky actor won’t be starring in Magic Mike 2 alongside similarly handsome Channing Tatum and Joe Mangianello.

In a recent appearance on Live with Kelly and Michael, the star was completely bombarded by female fans as he made his way to the stage. Women were literally jumping out of their seats to steal a selfie with the actor as the aisle crowded with fans hoping to shake his hand.

The family man has definitely taken on more serious and highly acclaimed film roles over the last few years. His wife is model Camila Alves and together they have three children—Levi, 6, Vida, 4, and Livingston, who is almost 2. With his demanding career and big family, the actor, who resides in Texas, is forced to fend off hopeful women who wanted to see some suggestive dancing in Magic Mike’s upcoming sequel.

Alright, alright, alright ladies…the good news is that although McConaughey won't be in any stripping scenarios anytime soon, he isn't going anywhere. In fact, he’s everywhere! Catch him in Interstellar, in theatres now, and in HBO’s hit True Detective which returns soon for season 2 of the smash series.

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