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Broader Marketing Campaign Also Features Digital Video, Custom Articles & More

CHICAGO, IL (Sept. 8, 2014) - Mazola® corn oil, America's leading corn oil, announced today that it is launching a new digital marketing campaign with Womensforum.com, designed to effectively reach and engage the digital destination's female audience of nearly 35 million unique visitors per month.* At the heart of the campaign is the debut of "Pantry Pal," an online tool created to help health-conscious women prepare dinner, while they manage a busy lifestyle. With Mazola® as its inaugural sponsor, the tool will provide women with quick and easy recipes that use ingredients they already have in their pantry, with a special emphasis on dishes that include Mazola® corn oil and other Mazola® products in the mix.

Mazola® will also encourage healthier eating habits through video content integrated into the popular series "The Fit Fix," produced by Womensforum.com's video production arm Studio 444. These special episodes will be distributed across Womensforum.com's family of sites.

A custom article series is also a key part of the campaign, and recipes spotlighting Mazola® corn oil will accompany the articles. Features will cover a range of topics like "Taking Care of Your Heart (on a Budget)" and "We Heart Low Cholesterol". To further help women and families make healthier choices, the ad program will include a Mazola®-branded custom content conversational unit that shares shopping lists, tips and solutions for meeting everyday challenges to lower cholesterol. The conversational unit will be showcased on the Womensforum.com homepage, as well as on several section main pages, and will also be targeted to online communities in the Womensforum.com family.

"Women can rely on Mazola® corn oil when preparing healthier meals for their families. Research recently confirmed that Mazola® corn oil is four times more effective at blocking cholesterol than extra virgin olive oil[1]," said Bill Puentes, Sr. Director Mazola Marketing. "Womensforum.com understood our brand priorities and position from the beginning and provided incredible insight into the digital habits of this market segment. As a result, we created a unique digital platform to help active women and their families live a healthier lifestyle and expect 'Pantry Pal' will make it easier for their active female audience to nurture healthier family choices."

"Mazola® corn oil has been a staple in America's pantries for more than 100 years. With this new campaign, we plan to spotlight Mazola®'s commitment to women who are looking for healthier dinner solutions," said Mark Kaufman, co-Founder and CEO, Womensforum.com. "As we apply over 18 years of experience in reaching women through the web, all of us at Womensforum.com are confident that this new 'Pantry Pal' tool in concert with the broader editorial content of the campaign will deliver on its promise of reaching and engaging the core audience for Mazola® products."

The partnership between Mazola® corn oil and Womensforum.com was initiated by the brand's media agency, Maxus Global.

*(comScore/July, 2014)

About Mazola® corn oil:
Since its creation in 1911, Mazola® has delivered great tasting, high-quality products to families across the world. With products ranging from cooking oils and sprays to bouillon, all products in the Mazola® family contain no cholesterol and are made to accentuate food's natural flavors. Mazola® is a registered trademark of ACH Food Companies, Inc. For more information, visit Mazola.com.

About Womensforum.com:
Founded in 1996, Womensforum.com (www.womensforum.com) was the first community of sites focused on women. Since then, it has cultivated a targeted, scalable audience of nearly 35 million people globally that appeals to marketers looking to reach women where they spend time and engage online.

[1] Benefits of corn oil compared to extra-virgin olive oil consumption on the plasma lipid profile in men and women with elevated cholesterol: results from a controlled feeding trial. Poster session presented at: American Society for Nutrition's Advances & Controversies in Clinical Nutrition Conference; 2013 Dec 5-7; Washington, D.C. Study sponsored in part by ACH Food Companies, Inc.

Media Contacts:
Laura Goldberg
LBG Public Relations for Womensforum.com


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