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MEATS-THAT-MIGHT-BE-RISKY-TO-YOUR-HEALTHBack away from the chicken and ground meat... or at least reconsider how you and cook and prepare them.

A 12-year study from the Center for Science in the Public Interest proved that bacteria from contaminated meat can result to several dangerous and life-threatening illnesses like severe food poisoning and could land you in the hospital or even lead to death.

And, guess what? Some of the top-selling meats like chicken and ground beef are the riskiest.

  • Coming in close after are steak and turkey with high risk.
  • Pork, deli meat, roast beef and beef and pork barbecue are medium risk.
  • Chicken nuggets, ham and sausage are low risks (at the bottom). 

Yes, it seems like all meats are some sort of risk. To reduce the threat of these meats in your diet and home:

  1. Use plastic bags to separate raw meat from the other foods while you’re at the grocery store and when you put them in your refrigerator.
  2. Don’t rinse meat. This is a common tactic that millions of Americans use hoping to clean their meat. Unfortunately, rinsing meat only makes matters worse by leaving small drops of bacteria around your home. 

Fifty million people get sick from different food illnesses from dairy to produce to meat, according to the Center for Disease Control. Use the tips above and take necessary precautions to protect yourself from foodborne illnesses!

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