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medical-misconduct-revealed-in-joan-rivers-death-mainAs if taking a selfie while operating on a patient wasn't bad enough, an investigation by the New York State Health Department, has revealed multiple medical mistakes by the doctors who performed the procedure that led to Joan Rivers' death.

The agency found that doctors did not follow proper procedures when sedating Rivers with Propofol. The amount of the drug administered is based on the patient's size, and Rivers wasn't weighed before being sedated. Additionally, the computer showed that Rivers received a huge dose of the drug, but a staff member revealed that she had inputted the information wrong.  

River's personal doctor, Gwen Korovin, also performed the procedure without proper authorization. Rivers had only consented to an upper endoscopy procedure, but Dr. Korovin performed a laryngoscopy.

And it gets worse... the department's report also revealed that the doctors didn't realize when Rivers was dying on the table. As her oxygen levels plummeted, the doctors remained oblivious.  

With this new information brought to light, Rivers' daughter, Melissa Rivers told TMZ that she is "outraged by the misconduct and mismanagement."

Yorkville Endoscopy, were the procedure took place, was officially found to have lapses in four categories necessary for accreditation: governing body and management, surgical services, medical staff and patient rights.

They have until Jan. 7 to fix the deficiencies found by the state investigators or they will lose their certification. 

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