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medical-news-breast-cancer-findingsScientific Research Offers a New Way for Oncologists to Treat Breast Cancer

Medical News on Breast Cancer: Breast cancer is a worldwide problem with 1.4 million women suffering from the disease each year. But according to recent news on health, breast cancer researchers have uncovered promising news for the cancer community.

New Study on Breast Cancer

According to the largest ever breast cancer research study focused on the genetics of breast tumors, the cancer community has uncovered that breast cancer is a term that covers a range of ten distinct genetic diseases. Breast cancer is not one specific disease, but rather ten different distinct genetic diseases that fall under the breast cancer classification, experts say. By uncovering particular DNA and RNA within breast tumors, scientific researchers say that more specifically targeted therapies for breast cancer are possible.

Breast Cancer Research Findings

Before this finding the field of breast cancer oncology approached the disease in a broader way. With this new information, oncologists and their cancer patients will be able to understand what specific genetic strain of breast cancer the patient is fighting. Scientists explain that the finding will make tailoring treatment options and breast cancer therapies to the specific patient and their specific genetic strain easier.

What Does This Mean for Breast Cancer?

Oncologists believe that these research findings will make diagnosing new breast cancer patients in the future easier. With specific genetic diseases to diagnose patients with, predicting survival rates, length of treatment, and risk of reoccurrence will be more precise. This can offer breast cancer patients, as well as their oncologists, more information to better understand the individual strain of cancer being dealt with. So what does this mean? Essentially the findings will make understanding the complexities of breast cancer easier. We will better understand why some strains are more difficult to beat, or why some individuals are more prone to one strain than to another.

DNA and Genetics in Breast Cancer

The breast cancer research study has uncovered that breast cancer exists in ten different genetic subtypes, rather that four as researches previously thought. The discovery will help to aid oncologists in treating women diagnosed with breast cancer in the future. What does this mean? Potentially this finding could help oncologists decipher what type of breast cancer a woman is more prone to suffer from and her chances of survival based upon her specific genetic makeup. DNA testing and genetic maps will allow oncologists to uncover the type of breast cancer a woman is fighting rather than lumping her in with any of the other types of breast cancer that exist. This will help to give woman and the cancer community hope and resources to be as educated on what specific disease they are facing.

If you're dealing with breast cancer, or know someone that is going through treatment, stay positive, stay strong, and keep your loved ones near.

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