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Bigger Better Brains

Katharine White MSN is CEO of Brain In Play, and a behavioral health scientist focused on the brain. The mother of five former high school athletes, she co-discovered a patent-pending brain wellness and anti-aging solution based on Nobel Prize research called Brain Performance Enhancement or BPE. Presented at Mayo Clinic's 2013 International Concussion Summit, BPE helps reduce head-injury risk and enhance concussion recovery by improving the functioning, preservation and growth of brain cells. Used with athletes from high-school through the NFL, Brain in Play's President (Bill White MSN) and Chief Medical Advisor (Dr. Alan Ashare), hope to bring BPE to all youth players and their families to prevent and minimize concussive brain damage, projected by the American Academy of Neurology to soon be the leading cause of disability under 45. Katharine's advanced degree is in behavioral/brain health which has served her well in healthcare clinical leadership and executive officer roles for 25 years.

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