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Meet Katharine White

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meet-katharine-whiteI am Katharine White, the mother of five former high-school athletes and a behavioral/brain health scientist. 

As the CEO of Brain In Play, I am thrilled to share with women around the world the latest news on brain health. 

Because of how science works, new research doesn’t “trickle down” to those who can really make a difference (mothers, favorite aunts, grandmothers, honorary ‘moms’) for more than a decade. My blog will not only feature ‘brain news’, but it will also teach you about what you can do to protect and enhance the brains of those you love.

Why Is This So Important Now? 

  1. The public health crisis of sports related youth concussions (increased ten-fold in last decade)
  2. Nobel Prize research has informed how to improve the functioning, preservation and growth of brain cells – increasing concussion healing and reducing the risk for future concussions;
  3. This generation of children must leverage innovative brain wellness best-practices, some of which can increase the size of a youth brain’s learning and memory processing center by 12%.

Katharine White-Brain in Play Head ShotIt is time for women to change how we view the human body’s most important organ, the brain. When it is damaged, it’s not just critical thinking that gets compromised, but also one’s judgment, emotions, motor skills, coordination and perhaps most importantly, how all these brain functions work together. I experienced this first-hand with one of our concussed children – over a ten year period of recovery.  

Regarding concussion, new brain scanning technology informs there is more cause for concern than previously thought, explaining why the American Academy of Neurology predicts concussive damage to soon be the leading cause of disability under 45. 

Let’s take charge and share brain science information via the Womensforum.com, empowering women with knowledge they need about how our brains are always in play.

For more information, check out Brain in Play.

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