meet-the-designers-of-the-chicago-fashion-incubatorThe Chicago Fashion Incubator has unique and trendy styles for every personality; and its designers are the ones to thank. 

Shelby Steiner conquers the task to design clothes for the modern day tomboy. She began in a small town in Iowa as an apprentice for a seamstress. Steiner then took on the Windy City as a student at Columbia College where she was discovered by a stylist and began doing fashion shows. This lead to her involvement in the Fashion Incubator program. Steiner is becoming known for her perfect combination of feminine and boyish styles in her designs. 

Chicago Fashion Incubator Designers

Another Fashion Incubator designer is Olivia Hwang, who gets her inspiration for her Spring 2014 collection from Old Hollywood styles. Her motif is all about grace and flow. Hwang uses silk fabric along with cotton for the perfect fit. And of course, she adds a touch of pearls for an elegant look.

Lagi Nadeau is another up and coming designer participating in the Fashion Incubator. She channels her grandmother’s style to create unique designs. Nadeau’s grandmother is an artist, so she definitely incorporates her stain glass and water color works as well as her favorite color, blue, along with oranges and cool prints. 


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