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What do you know about Melissa Joan Hart? For many, it’s her iconic role as Sabrina on the hit television show Sabrina, The Teenage Witch or as herself in Melissa and Joey. So many people have grown up dedicating their evenings to watching her vibrant personality on television.

What some of her fans may not know though is that Hart is creating quite the empire. When not acting, she is busy being a mom to three sons and being head designer of the boys clothing line King of Harts. Womensforum talked with Hart to gain insight into how she balances a full family life with an equally full career.

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Womensforum: What are some ways that you make "mommy time" special?

Melissa Joan Hart: Well, I make sure that I take time away. I do things at night when my kids are asleep. That’s when I set up their lunch boxes for the next day or I lay out their clothes so the next morning is not so hectic and rushed. But then when they get off the school bus and they’re done with homework, and I have time to play with them, the idea is to sit with them and really play.

So you know, trying to find time to give them each dedicated time, and dinnertime is a great time for us as a family and we read books together at night... that’s a great time together.

"And if you miss something, you missed it, and if you're late, you're late. You know you can’t stress about those things, you take it one day at a time." - Melissa Joan Hart

WF: What’s your advice for moms trying to stay inspired in what their doing to support their family?

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MJH: Being a mom, being a parent is the hardest job there is. You all of a sudden get no time to yourself, you get completely selfless, you have to give all of your attention to the children that can be very very difficult and that can be very taxing. I thinks it’s important to find time when they’re in school or during a lunch break from work to get your nails done... or have a lunch date with my husband. So, you know I feel like that’s a really important thing to do is take time for yourself.

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WF: How do you manage it all?

MJH: Having a good calendar is important, keep playdates, sports, all that stuff straight. Back to school night, teacher conferences. To be able to take time for yourself and to have a moment to breath and have some family time, and really use your calendar to schedule all that stuff in so you don’t miss it.

And if you miss something, you missed it, and if you're late, you're late. You know you can’t stress about those things, you take it one day at a time. And eventually, kids, it’s very fleeting and these kids are going to be grown before you know it. And it’s going to be empty nest time, and you have to reconfigure your life all over again. So remember that these moments are special, and exhausting, and it’s going to be gone soon. 

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