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Photo Credit: Splash

At Sunday's Daytime Emmy Awards, the ceremony took a break from all the fun and games to honor the late Joan Rivers, with River's daughter Melissa taking the stage to lead the tribute.

"After some terrible lows in my mom's life, both personally and professionally, the cancellation of her late-night talk show and the unimaginable loss of my dad would've probably been more than most people could bear," Melissa said. "But not my mother. She refused to give up. And the daytime television community saved her."

Rivers has been noticeably absent from this year's other major award shows in memoriams, so it was quite fitting that the community that "saved her" was one of the few that's taken the time to honor her.

Despite her decades long career, Rivers received her only Emmy during the 1990 Daytime Emmy Awards for The Joan Rivers Show. Melissa revealed that the win was a turning point in Joan's life.

"This strong foundation reinvigorated her career, and my mother felt loved and valued by the daytime community, and for that I will always be grateful," Melissa shared.

After her win, Joan spent the following two-and-a-half decades as a red carpet commentator and star of Fashion Police.

"She went on to have 24 more fabulous years," Melissa said. "and I got to enjoy all of them with her, as her producer, her business partner, her co-star and the best part was as her daughter."

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