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men-and-cancer-statisticsHow to Help the Men in Your Life Prevent Cancer

It's inevitable: you hear of someone close to your heart or in your local community being diagnosed with cancer of some form. You instantly panic to think he could lose his life. You wonder how you can prevent others in your life from getting the same illness. More women need to learn detailed information on men and cancer statistics, because it is so often women who convince the men in their lives to make healthier choices.

Cancers That Claim More Men

There are several types of cancer that can effect any man. Cancer doesn't only happen in older males. These are the most common types of cancer in men:

  • Lung Cancer: Lung cancer takes more male lives then any other cancer currently. It is generally as a result of smoking. The best way to prevent lung cancer is obviously to quit smoking forever.
  • Prostate Cancer: While lung cancer kills more often, it is prostate cancer that has affected more men over all. Researchers have a difficult time finding out why this cancer spreads or where it comes from, but many find that having the proper screenings done each year can help detect and treat it quicker.
  • Colon Cancer: This is considered to be the third most common type of male cancer. Colon cancer can effect women as well as men, but it more commonly found in men. It can be fatal, especially for those that are over the age of fifty. Yearly screenings can be crucial in early detection and can dramatically increase chances of survival.
  • Pancreatic Cancer: While still not one of the most common forms of cancer, pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest ones. There is little aide for patients that have this diagnosis, and the time allotted can be very slim. Steering clear of alcohol and fatty foods can preserve a clean pancreas.

 Top 10 Forms of Cancer that are Diagnosed in Men

  1. Prostate
  2. Lung
  3. Colon
  4. Urinary
  5. Melanomas
  6. Non Hodgkin Lymphoma
  7. Kidney
  8. Oral
  9. Leukemia
  10. Pancreas

Some other cancers worth looking into if you feel you or a man you love may be at risk are urinary, bladder, kidney and renal cancers as well as melanoma, lymphomas, leukemia, and mouth cancers. Regular checkups by a medical professional are the best insurance against advanced cancers. Meeting with your doctor to discuss concerns and risk factors will also increase patient knowledge and confidence, aiding in early detection.

Not surprisingly, the best defence against male cancers is to maintain a healthy diet, exercise often and get regular screening tests. It is also recommended that men advise their doctors if they are experiencing any pain or ailments in the body that may be signs of types of cancer already present. Encourage the men in your life to learn their medical history and take steps to improve overall health and wellness.

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