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men-lie-more-than-womenYes They Do! According to a New Study, Men Tell More Lies Than Women Do.

According to a new BMW Financial Services study, men lie more than women. Multiple studies have tried to figure out if men lie more than women but the newest study says men lie on average 3 times per day. Once again, it has been determined that women do everything right! Just kidding... because women still tell a pretty large amount of lies per year. Women lie on average 2 times per day. So, what do men lie about? What do women lie about? Read all about the newest study on the fibs men and women tell.

The Lies Men and Women Tell

BMW Financial Services says men lie more than women lying roughly 1,092 lies per year. Women lie roughly 728 times per year. 

Women were found to lie more about shopping than men saying something is on sale when it really isn’t or lying about the price. According to the study, women lie more about saying that they are okay when they really aren’t, and lying to avoid a phone call. 39 percent of women lie about spending money as opposed to 26 percent of men. 

Men lie more about having no cellphone signal, drinking alcohol, saying they are on their way somewhere when they really aren’t, and saying they are fine when they aren’t. The study also said that men and women lie in order to try and make their lives easier. 

Will We Ever Know?

Studies about if men lie more than women, keep changing. Will we ever know? Whether or not men lie more than women or women lie more than men, we all lie. The real question is, who is better at lying? Men or women?

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