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Ah...the breakup. They suck. Even if you're involved in an amicable "conscious uncoupling",  we as emotional human beings look for someone or something to turn to in order to help us feel better and move on. For some of us it’s food; for others, a new hobby. And sometimes, we just need a moment to wallow in our own self-pity and enjoy a good breakup song.

Here are the ten best breakup songs that say everything you wish you could:

1. Rolling in the Deep- Adele

2. Nothing Compares 2 U- Sinead O'Connor

3. Go Your Own Way- Fleetwood Mac

4. You Oughta Know- Alanis Morissette

5. I Will Always Love You- Whitney Houston

6. Since U Been Gone- Kelly Clarkson

7. Somebody That I Used To Know- Gotye, feat. Kimbra

8. I Will Survive- Gloria Gaynor

9.  You're So Vain- Carly Simon

10. Love the Way You Lie- Eminem, feat. Rihanna

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