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Photo Credit: Cooking Light 

Among many things, Michelle Obama is famed for her passion for a healthy lifestyle. And it seems the first lady has turned her attention to food; in particular, eliminating processed foods from her family’s diet.

In an interview with Cooking Light magazine, Mrs Obama says she’s been on a nearly decade-long mission to banish processed foods from the White House.

The prompt to rid the family of processed meals came from the family’s chef Sam Kass, who reportedly took a stand against ingredients such as processed powdered cheeses, typically found in boxed mac and cheese. While Kass isn’t against the creamy pasta dish per se, he did tell the magazine: "There's nothing wrong with mac and cheese, but it's got to be real food."

Obama took an usual approach in convincing the children that they should re-think their diets. Rather than simply telling the children to cut out certain foods, she gave daughter Malia, who was 8 years old at the time, a block of cheese and challenged her to turn the fresh block of cheese into powder.

"She sat there for 30 minutes trying to pulverize a block of cheese into dust," Mrs. Obama says. "She was really focused on it and it just didn't work, so she had to give up. And from then on, we stopped eating macaroni and cheese out of a box because cheese dust is not food, as was the moral of the story."

The family went on to eliminate all traces of processed foods from their diet. It wasn’t just the boxed mac and cheese that was no longer on the Obama’s shopping list - "All those packaged lunches and all of the canned juices (went too)" she said.

Michelle went onto explain that the family now prefers to opt for freshly-squeezed juices and aims to drink more water each day.

This isn’t the first time that Michelle Obama has vocalised her thoughts on the importance of good diet and exercise. In addition to her recent Let's Move campaign, Obama was also responsible for the creation of a vegetable garden at the White House


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