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michelle-obama-bicepsWhat is So Al-"arming" About a Well-Armed Woman?

Women have long been obsessed with the look of their arms.  Or have we been obsessed with the fashion industry's obsession of arms. Are they too thin, too bony, too fat, too flabby, too muscular? Somehow, arms are never just perfect!  How many of us can go bare-armed or sleeveless without peeking in the mirror to see what's standing up or hanging down? Why the maelstrom of feedback when Michelle Obama rocks sleeveless dresses and shows off those arms?

I can't imagine that Michelle Obama expected headlines like 'Michelle Obama Biceps' when she choose her outfits. Was Michelle Obama aware that her love of sleeveless dresses would turn into a media sensation? Or does she just like the feeling of a cool breeze on a nice day in a stuffy environment?

Michelle Obama's Arms

The topic of Michelle Obama biceps has brought to light the importance that our society puts on the appearance of a woman's arms. Not that every other "part" isn't scrutinized. But in the case of Michelle Obama's muscled biceps are considered not quite feminine or "First laderly" enough. And to listen to a conservative pundit is is often considered downright masculine to let your biceps show publically.

Is this due to the fact that muscled biceps are considered a sign of strength and power. Even handling weapons or arms was traditionally a man's job and is also considered a sign of power. Throughout history, in American culture, positions of power were almost always held by men. It seems that the role of President and the baring of biceps are a couple of the last frontiers that women may need to break through to.

Perhaps this is why Michelle Obama's arms have created such a media frenzy. Some traditional sources have criticized her clothes and defined her style as a little too masculine because her sleeveless fashion showcases her physical strength. She has also garnered comments about her towering height, and her obviously muscled  "haunches" and the strength demonstrated thereby.

Michelle Obama's Workout

It's obvious that Michelle Obama sticks religiously with her 4:30AM workouts.  But not likely because she has to or because she is an actress or a model or a perfect size 2, 4, or 6. Michelle Obama does it, she says, because of the way it makes her feel. Being the President's wife probably hasn't changed that. It is clear that she is confident in her body and with her sleeveless fashion choices. Michelle Obama obviously has not allowed the media to shake her confidence or change her sense of style. Instead, Michelle Obama arms have been showed as much as possible!

Are Certain Women "Too" Strong?

In the meantime a woman's show of confidence and strength may still be criticized because the traditional thought is that women should be able to stand on their own, but should not be TOO strong.

Hopefully through all the debates and television appearences, future sleevelessness will be more readily accepted and all women, each in her skin and among the bountiful array of all our arms, skinny, fat, flabby or muscular, will be able to enjoy sleeveless fashion without becoming the focus of the nightly news! 

Running for office, even if it's as second mate, beside your hubby, is after all, physical labor and a real year-long workout.  Michelle Obama's height, her legs, her arms, all aspects of the woman's image have captured our attention!

Whatever your opinion, Michelle Obama has given us all something to think about and something provocative to watch!

Photo Credit: PR Photos 

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