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Ah, Middle School. It seems like only yesterday your pre-teen was in elementary school, and now it's already time for him or her to take countless selfies, act moody and withdrawn - plus catch up on some more vaccinations! 


You may think your child is all done with immunizations after the initial rounds they got when they were babies, but middle school is actually the perfect time to boost existing vaccines and add important new ones like the HPV Vaccine to keep them healthy.

While the federal government doesn't require any vaccinations, states draft and enforce their own lists of immunizations from recommendations from the Center For Disease Control And Prevention. which apply to both public and private schools.  

Booster doses for Diptheria and Tetanus are common as the original ones might have started to wear off. In addition, getting a booster dose of the Tdap Vaccine and Meningococcal Vaccine are very important as kids are more in contact with each other than ever. The CDC recommends getting a boost on the Tdap vaccine every 10 years. 

Middle school is also the perfect time for your daughter or son to undergo the three-dose vaccine series for HPV. It's not a requirement in most states, but the vaccine helps protect against cervical cancer, vulvar cancer, vaginal cancer, anal cancer and genital warts. The immunization is most effective when the recipient has time to take the series of three shots over six months and develop an immunity before becoming sexually active. Doctors recommend getting the vaccine during ages 11-12, but girls can get it as early as age nine. Boys ages 11-12 can also get specific HPV vaccines to prevent against genital warts and anal cancer. 

Check out our vaccine guides for elementary school students and high school students

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