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military-will-open-combat-jobs-to-womenReports say that the U.S. Military will open some direct combat jobs to women.

According to reports, the policy that once excluded women from combat jobs in the military, is soon going to be changed. Sources say that the military will open combat jobs to women and it will be announced January 24, 2013. That’s right; women can do anything men can do! Now, woman can serve the country with direct combat jobs. The Department of Defense will have an assessment to see what combat jobs will be available to women. Sources say that it will take some time to assess this policy change. Read on for more about the future combat opportunities for women.

Women and Direct Combat 

Reports say that not every position will be available right away. Assessments need to be completed first to determine what combat jobs will be available such as physical standards and other gender issues. Some positions are trickier than others to assess and come to an agreement on. 

They expect there to be numerous jobs available by the end of this year with a goal of January 2016 to complete their tests and assessments, sources note. These combat jobs for women will open many opportunities for women in the U.S. Military to serve on the front lines. 

Stay tuned for announcements on what combat jobs will be available for women. What do you think of this policy change? Let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter! 

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