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millenials-concerned-with-phone-over-hygieneForget your toothbrush and deodorant and grab your smartphone instead?

That's apparently where priorities sit for younger generations. Technology's rising importance in this modern era is no secret, but according to CNBC a recently released Bank of America Trends in Consumer Mobility report shows millennials value their smartphone more than their toothbrush or deodorant.

The report, which surveyed more than 1,000 adults about the importance of various items in their daily lives, found that 93 percent of millennials said they're "very" or "somewhat" important, making smartphones the most important object.

Only 87 percent said deodorant was important in their daily lives and 91 percent said a toothbrush was.

Adults, on the other hand, ranked smartphones and a deodorant as equally important with 91 percent finding both to be a daily necessity. A toothbrush, however, was listed as the most important item with 95 percent of adults claiming it was of daily importance.

The shift in importance for younger generations could become a stinky problem for prospective employers looking for cleanly candidates.

"Research on first impressions shows people look at not just how you comport yourself, but how you present yourself," Susan RoAne, author of "How to Work a Room," told CNBC.

"If people can smell you before they see you, you aren't getting the job."

While making sure you send that Instagram photo is important to a lot of people, your future employer may not see it that way.

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