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mindfulness-meditation-helps-relieve-anxiety-and-depression-1Think clear and breathe to alleviate anxiety and depression.  

Dealing with anxiety and depression can put a damper on someone's life as well as the lives of the ones they love. Often times that person is unable to enjoy activities they previously engaged in because of a lack of interest or side effects from medicine. However, if you intend to go the holistic route of alleviating stress, try mindfulness meditation.

While mindfulness meditation can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression, doctors have deemed the process has no impact on those who abuse substances, have trouble sleeping and desire to lose weight. However when dealing with anxiety and depression or stress associated with diagnoses of a chronic illness, mindfulness meditation is free, easy and can be done almost anywhere.

lness-meditation-helps-relieve-anxiety-and-depression-2Techniques For Mindfulness Meditation

The techniques of mindfulness meditation are visualizations designed to help shift one's attention away from thoughts that destroy one's consciousness and detract from the overall health of the body.

  • The Body Scan: The body scan occurs when an individual lies down on their back, closes their eyes and lets their thoughts clear. Once the mind is able to relax, the individual assess each part of their body by making sure it is not tense or moving. The point of this exercise is to connect with the body and make sure you find little or no resistance.
  • Visualizations: Visualizing yourself walking down a path or climbing up a mountain can provide you with a chance to escape the daily routines of life. It can also provide you a chance to separate from the world around you in a positive and constructive way. To do so, lie down or remain sitting and start at the beginning of your path. From there, advance slowly but always remain connected to the clarity of thoughts in your head.

In Conclusion

A study presented by NPR revealed that women who meditated on a daily basis for a period of four months were able to develop a higher quality of life and stronger coping mechanisms when dealing with stress.

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