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Photo Credit: Keene / Splash News

Mindy Kaling has never been shy about how she feels in the moment. When it comes to dating and marriage, the writer and actress opened up to Good Housekeeping about her future in the romance department.

Kaling’s dating practices and ideals somewhat shifted after turning 30, explained The Mindy Project creator.

"If I could relive the first three months of courtship over and over for the rest of my life, I would. Especially in the winter, who doesn’t like a nice heavy seven-course meal with lots of alcohol, then making out when you’re a little tipsy and taking a cab home to fall asleep in the clothes you wore on the date? Wait. Actually that was, like, my whole 20s. And it was very fun."

In the February issue of the magazine, The Mindy Project creator, who dated B.J. Novak nearly 10 years ago, explains that Novak is the sole exception to her rule of not staying friends with ex-boyfriends. The two co-starred on The Office as on-again-off-again lovers and wrote a majority of the episodes in the 9-season run.

"B.J. has the stamp for life as a friend. He feels like family." 

Kaling added that her late mother always especially liked The Book With No Pictures author. In fact, fans have been nudging the two to get back together.

Whether there’s a possibility of a rekindled romance between Novak and Kaling? Well, Kaling stayed mum on their current status.

However, the 35-year-old is in no rush to settle down with family, if ever.

"When I was younger, I wanted so badly to be married and have kids in a rush," said Kaling. "I don’t need marriage. I don’t need anyone to take care of all my needs and desires. I can take care of them myself now."

For now, Kaling continues to focus on her exploding career, which will hopefully include directing a rom-com one day.

"There’s still so much I want to do. I feel lucky. I keep expanding my dreams."


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