A Different Kind of Makeup May Benefit Skin Health and Look Fabulous as Well

Most women wear some kind of make up.  There are many different reasons that make up is applied but for the most part it is used to accentuate the natural beauty of the wearer and their best traits.  But in some cases make up can have some health benefits as well and because of that the popularity of mineral make-up has taken off like a rocket in the past few years.  Mineral makeup has been on shelves for more than thirty years (I know, I didn't believe it either but it's true!!). However, it hasn't been until very recently that it has found a foothold and is gaining ground.  In fact, mineral makeup sales have increased somewhere around sixty percent in the past three years.  There isn't an industry out there that wouldn't LOVE those kinds of statistics.  Mineral makeup has truly taken the beauty industry by storm.

What Makes Mineral Makeup Different?

So what is it?  And what are the pros and cons of mineral makeup?  It is exactly what you might think it is.  A number of natural minerals are sterilized, ground up and pulverized into a very fine powder and combined with other materials so that it can then be used as a makeup.  It is now a normal part of professional mineral makeup kits.  Many different minerals can be put in mineral makeup to enable it to be utilized as make up and as a mineral supplement for the skin all at once.  One such ingredient is talc.  Talc is a mineral but for the purposes of mineral makeup it is often utilized as a filler to bulk the mass of the makeup up a little bit.  Many experts will advise you to check the ingredients for mineral makeup and avoid ones that have too much talc.  Talc can be an allergen for some people which defeats the purpose of wearing a natural mineral makeup.  There are others who swear by the inclusion of talc so in the end it really depends on you.  How does the makeup feel with the talc and without the talc?  Whichever one works, you should use.

So what are the benefits of mineral make up?  Actually, there are many.  Of course first and foremost it is oil free and non comedorganic, which means that it will not stop up your pores.  These two facts, in and of themselves, are the main reasons many women like it.  It allows your skin to breathe while you are wearing it.  Because minerals are inorganic compounds, no bacteria or microbes can grow in the makeup and be transferred to your skin.  Mineral makeup has a long shelf life since it contains no preservatives.  Additionally the lighter weight of the makeup on the face is a huge upside for many women.  And lastly, most of these mineral make ups contain some UVA/UVB for sun protection.

There are many skin types that benefit from the properties of mineral makeup.  For example, it is known to be good for sensitive skin.  However, if the makeup includes ground mica or sericite, those with very sensitive skin should be cautious.  The mica contains tiny sharp edges and these can really make sensitive skin hurt, almost like rubbing the skin raw.  So if you have really sensitive skin you probably want to avoid mica.  Mineral makeup in general is also considered beneficial for Rosacea and acne issues but makeup containing mica in particular, may agitate these two skin ailments  the same way it does sensitive skin, so be careful.

Natural mineral makeup can be found that can work for any skin type.  Since there is no oil used in the production of this makeup both dry and oily skin can benefit from using it regularly.  Additionally, it is considered a great option in the fight to keep skin from aging and looking old.  The ingredients in the makeup tend to make the skin glow and feel natural.  The mineral absorption into the skin will help the skin in staying healthy and vital.

There are many reasons why you should consider mineral makeup.  Whether it is the sun protection, the light weight which allows you to wear it longer, the impact on the aging process of your skin or healing properties for certain types of skin ailments, it is a good alternative to other makeups.  It is very important to shop around, check the ingredients for the one that suits what you are looking for.  They can be a bit on the pricey side but there are deals out there, especially online, so be on the lookout for the deal that works for you.

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