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Sunday’s Miss America Pageant was filled with interesting, one-of-a-kind moments.

Long time host of The Bachelor Chris Harrison traded roses for tiaras and served as host for the iconic Miss America pageant last Sunday night. After a night full of stiff competition, Miss New York Kira Kazantsev was crowned the newest Miss America. This is the third year in a row that Miss New York has taken home the crown. The previous year's victors were Mallory Hagan in 2013 and Nina Davuluri in 2014.

Winner Stuns with “Unique” Talent

One of the most talked about performances of the night occurred when the winner, Kazantsev, performed a rendition of "Cups."


The song and cup routine was made famous by Anna Kendrick's character Beca in the 2012 film Pitch Perfect. Kendrick tweeted after seeing the performance and we’re not sure she appreciated the imitation.


The Hofstra University student’s talent came off as odd and even boring to some. However, her question-and-answer portion of the competition more than made up for her questionable cups routine. She spoke in favor of seeing reform in the way of the U.S. military handles sexual assault, and received a rousing round of applause.

Miss Idaho’s Beauty Statement

A powerful moment of the competition was when Miss Idaho Sierra Sandison, a Type 1 diabetic, walked the swimsuit and evening gown competitions with her insulin pump attached to her. Sandison said in a Facebook post, "My message to everyone, diabetic or not, is that we all have something that doesn't ‘measure up’ to the beauty standards set by the media—and that is okay! It does not make you any less beautiful."

Miss Ohio is a Ventriloquist

Miss Ohio Mackenzie Bart showed off her ventriloquism skills, which received mixed reviews from audiences. Some thought her act was lame while others appreciated the unique talent.

Bare Feet

Before Miss New York ditched her high heels in the talent competition, head judge Kathy Ireland went barefoot under her elegant evening gown. Ireland didn't address her bare feet, but viewers at home didn't miss a beat and spotted her bare feet on their television screens.

Interesting Facts in the Fact Box

The Miss America fact box stayed active throughout the contestants performances, and revealed some interesting tidbits about the competitors. During her ventriloquist act, Miss Ohio’s fact revealed that she "wants to take Al Roker’s job." The fact box also revealed that Miss New YorK "Loves anything Jane Austin." That’s great but it’s spelled "Austen," ABC.

Miss Nebraska’s Wardrobe Malfunction

Miss Nebraska Megan Swanson  was trending throughout the pageant, but unfortunately not for any of her talents. The 21-year-old Omaha native was caught on camera chatting with another contestant, unfortunately, her legs were not crossed, causing a stir on social media.

This year’s Miss America Pageant was one of the most talked about competitions in a long time. The unique acts in the competition kept us talking throughout the show, making it that much more enjoyable. Watching contestants make mistakes and showing their true colors is just as captivating as their floor length ball gowns and movie star make up. It provides a humanizing aspect, comforting for viewers who watch beauty pageants with awe.

Image Credit: Instagram 

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