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miss-usa-2014-preview51 lovely ladies will compete for the title of Miss USA. Find out what you can expect! 

This Sunday is the Miss USA pageant and women around the country can’t wait to see which state's lovely representative will take home the crown! The charming ladies will have to win the judges over with their question and answers, swimsuit competition and poise. Who are you rooting for?

A Look at Some of the Hopeful Contestants 

Jordan Wessel, Miss Arizona: The 20-year-old blondie is more than just a pretty face. For three years, she battled an illness that almost defeated her but continued to stay strong and get better. Her favorite movie is Grease and says she could never successfully walk in heels until this year.

Haley O’Brien, Miss Minnesota: The 21-year-old red head bombshell is a senior at St. Cloud State University, where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Medical Biology and Psychology, with a minor in Chemistry. As a kid, she was bullied for her interest in academics but is now supporting young people to follow their dreams and get an education! 

Kelsey Miller, Miss Delaware: The tall blonde with legs for days is a down to earth 23-year-old who spends her free time volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club as a peer mentor. She is well traveled, educated but also sporty! 

Moani Hara, Miss Hawaii: Aloha! Moani is a model and even was in a fashion show with Paris Hilton! School was tough for her though. She grew up with dyslexia but never let it stop her! She gained the tools she needed to overcome it and gained some amazing self-confidence. 

Kamryn Blackwood, Miss New Mexico: This blonde beauty considers herself to be the real Miss Congeniality, which is her favorite movie starring Sandra Bullock. She is studying criminal justice and hopes to be an FBI special agent someday! 

Emma Pelett, Miss Oregon: She has visited over 34 countries and has even lived in France and South Africa. She also volunteers her time to numerous organizations, owns over 150 pairs of shoes and loves French food!

Bishara Dorre, Miss Wisconsin: Originally from Milwaukee, she attended college in Chicago and studied journalism. She dreams of being a broadcaster on a national network. She published two books before she even graduated high school! 

Brittney Palmer, Miss South Dakota: A professional horseback rider from Brookings, South Dakota! She is the definition of an animal lover! She owns horses, donkeys and dogs! Her favorite movie is Forrest Gump and she loves deep-sea fishing. 

The winner will receive a salary from the Miss Universe Organization, living expenses and a luxury apartment in New York. She will travel 20,000 miles a month to events and other meetings.

Stay tuned this weekend for an incredible competition of beauty, talent and poise! Who do you think will take home the crown? 

Photo Credit: Miss USA Instagram

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