mixing-gold-and-silver-is-no-longer-a-faux-pas-headerMixing gold and silver is an upcoming trend and no longer a fashion no-no.

Combining silver and gold used to be a big mistake in the fashion world, but runway shows are now saying that this previous faux pas is no longer a terrible tragedy. Thankfully, jumping on this new trend of mixing silver and gold doesn't have to break the bank. The trend is still developing, so now is the time to embrace the fashion change, take risks, and make the style your own. We have some suggestions to get you started.

Mix and Match with the Same Piece: Plenty of stores are hopping on the silver and gold bandwagon so the pieces are easy to find. Try an earring or necklace that starts gold and tapers off into a silver or gunmetal color. Or opt for a dress or top that combines silver and gold via sequins, rhinestones, thread, or lace. 

Embrace Your Inner Punk Rocker: We love this look on a small bag or clutch, but it can really be applied to anything. Look for something that combines silver and gold studs into one piece. It's an easy way to adopt the trend without going overboard, plus releasing your inner bad girl! 

'Watch' the Trend Unfold. A watch is such a simple piece that can add so much to an outfit. If you're into chunky accessories, select a silver and gold watch with a large face. If you're wearing a bold outfit, pick less intense accessories like thin-banded watches. A cute trend are silver and gold bracelets with small watch faces - it's more for look than knowing what time it is. A unique way to show your love of time and fashion are necklaces with a watch face! 

If You're Feeling Bold: Try a silver and gold shoe. Stay clear of 9th grade prom by looking for a shoe that is predominately gold with silver trim or lining. Like we discussed with dresses and tops, there are plenty of metallic shoes that have gold and silver flowing into each other, creating a dramatic and sexy look. 

Start Simple: If you're not use100% on board with the trend yet, ease into it by spreading out the color. Try a long necklace with a subtle fade. Once you're more comfortable, you can add in additional pieces or accessories to make the look more complete. 

Have more ideas for combining silver and gold? Let us know! 

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