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mockingjayMockingjay.net has been the largest community for Hunger Games fans since 2009. The website, Mockingjay.Net, gives a place for the fanbase to communicate, learn more about the series and be updated about the hit books written by Suzanne Collins. Fans can also learn about the movie series based on the books.

The Mockingjay homepage is filled with frequently updated news about all things Hunger Games, whether it’s about the film’s actors, fan antics or press. The Mockingjay.net forums allow users to communicate and even make friends based on their love and knowledge for The Hunger Games and Mockingjay.

In addition, the Mockingjay.net features expansive, original, information such as character bios and place bios. Mockingjay.net even does frequent podcasts about the series and has a video section for all videos related to The Hunger Games, also updated plenty. For Hunger Games fans, there really are endless possibilities on Mockingjay.net. Visit Website.

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